Hood for Truma BO 125 x 200 mm, with locking pin


Winter hood for boiler vent guard. Fits on ventilation grilles from 3D Classics and Truma.
125×200 mm
Other colors also possible


Winter hood / cover for the Truma BO ventilation grille / boiler grille. Unique design, with locking pin. The pin ensures that you do not lose the hood while driving.

Protection against cold in winter, or against penetrating water during rain or washing. Inner dimensions: 125 x 200 mm. The grids can be printed or sprayed in many colours. Mail your extra wishes to info@3dclassics.nl

This boiler hood or chimney hood is suitable for Truma ventilation grilles from before 2006. The hood is easily attached to the outside and provides a nice finish. Note: This article only concerns the closed cover, not a complete boiler smoke outlet.

The locking pin may differ from the illustrations.

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Wit, Ivoorwit, Lichtgeel, Zwart, Anders, Gespoten


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