Fiamma awning F50 Zip / F50 PRO / F55 LHS End Cap


This Fiamma end cap right fits on the left hand side of cassette awnings Fiamma F50PRO (2.50-4.00 m), F50Zip and Fiamma F55PRO (4.00-5.50 m) with a width of 16.1 cm.


This Fiamma end cap left fits on cassette awnings Fiamma F50 Pro (2.50 – 3.50 m), Fiamma F50 Zip and Fiamma F55 PRO (4.00-5.50 m), with a width of 16.1 cm. If the end cap of the cassette of your Fiamma cassette awning is broken, you can easily replace it. The end cap is secured with 5 lugs. This end cap is suitable for most models of the Fiamma F50 PRO, F50 Zip and F55 PRO. The type of awning you have is stated on the sticker on your awning. This concerns the left hood (not the side where the rotating mechanism is located). Made of durable, recyclable plastic.

Original part number: 03073-01.

Material: PETg.

Many colors available. Send your wish to

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