Repairset for ABS (plastic)


Repairset for ABS-products.

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Repairset for damaged ABS-products. The set consists of ABS and a solvent. ABS is available in many colours. Colours can be mixed without problems. You can use it as glue too.

  1. cut the ABS in pieces of max. 2 cm.
  2. put the pieces in the solvent.
  3. wait a couple of hours, shaking wil help, untill the ABS is solved.
  4. use a small brush to put the liquid ABS on the broken pieces. If possible, put liquid ABS on both sides.
  5. Bring the broken pieces together.
  6. In case of small holes or cracks, just let the liquid ABS pour into the crack or hole.

If necessary you can make it more liquid with aceton.

Let us know what colour you need.

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