3D Classics recreates buildings in miniature. The buildings can be provided with advertising or any other variation on request. If you also have your own idea (wish), please contact us. Below are some examples of what we’ve created before:


Church of St. Urbanus (Bovenkerk, municipality Amstelveen, NL)

In 2018, a major fire raged in the Church of St. Urbanus. In 2021 we made a true-to-life scale model of the church. The model was sold in the days before Christmas 2021 to raise money for the restoration. 75 white copies with a scale of 1:300 were made. These are sold out and will not be restocked. In addition, a few more have been made on a scale of 1:200. For lovers of miniature trains, there is even one made in 1:87 (HO) scale, in 2 colors and with more details. Some variations are for sale in our webshop.

Farmhouse “De Zevensprong” (Nieuwkoop)

Dutch farmhouse. A suitable gift was sought for the farewell of the chairman of the foundation. The foundation had some construction drawings and took many photos. Based on this, 3D Classics recreated the entire complex (7 buildings) in miniature. The buildings are available in the webshop as a complete set or separately.

Flour mill “The Lion” (Aalsmeer, NL)

For the farewell of a director of the foundation that manages corn mill “The Lion” in Aalsmeer (Holland), 3D Classics made a miniature copy of the mill. The construction drawings that were available were so old that only very little details and almost no sizes could be deduced from them. The building has mainly been recreated from photographs.

Dutch house

Just because it’s possible. A semidetached house, colored with watercolor.

Advertising objects

As a promotional object, it is always fun to make a small miniature of an important building, in which you place the logo of your organization. This white church is located in the middle of the village Noordwijkerhout. In this way, the political party CDA expresses its position at the heart of society.

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