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3D Classics

3D Classics produces replacement parts for classic vehicles. Exact replicas of rare parts. 3D printed in durable and sturdy plastic by the latest 3D printer. Take a look at the webshop for products that we have already made before and are now for sale. If your product is not listed, please send your broken parts to us and we will reconstruct the design and make a new replacement part. We can also add something personal to it: your own characteristic, colour, logo or slogan. Send an email with your wish, your name and email address to: info@3dclassics.nl.

3D Classics makes very special and personal details for your classic vehicle. 


Your own classic car/motorcycle as a model on your desk, mantelpiece or design table. Reproduced to scale in detail. Many people have been looking for a model of their classic car for years, but they never find the right model, or the right scale, or the details are wrong. 3D Classics has made unique scale models for this in the past. Unfortunately we can no longer offer this.

Although our emphasis is on classic vehicles and their parts, we also design and make very different products. This can vary from Christmas baubles to building models, from key chains to art objects. Everything customized and at your request.

Omnistor 5000 L binnenkap

Design techniques


Plastic parts wear out due to wind and weather. UV radiation from the sun makes the plastic brittle. A small tap is then enough to cause major damage. Often there is enough left over to trace back the original design. We, 3D Classics, then draw the entire design using specialized software. This way we can manufacture a brand new part again.


We make scale models using a professional 3D Scanner. Drawing a complicated shape would be too labour-intensive. With a professional 3D scanner we can manufacture an exact copy.


Designs can sometimes be improved. We think along with you to make the object better or stronger. You can also place your own images or texts. Due to the technique of 3D printing (each copy is made separately) you can easily add a unique element to your classic.

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What can I expect?

We make every piece seperate. After you order, it can take a few days before the 3D print is ready. New designs can take a few weeks and scanning will always be by appointment. So be patient. You can ask us anything  HERE. We will try to fullfill your wishes in design and 3D print, or be honoust if we can’t.

About me

Frank Helsloot

Frank Helsloot

Owner 3D Classics

One day, during my study, I bought an old motorbike. Not secondhand, more like tenthhand. I accidentaly blew up the engine. Thirty years later I restored it with help of other hobbyists. I learned how difficult it is to find the right parts. Nevertheless we managed. The result can be seen here. I’m extremely proud of this motorbike, but it’s 360 days per year stored away safely. I show it maybe 5 days a year on special occasions. I enjoy the looks and the emotional stories that come up by others that once owned a simmilar bike in the past.

After creating a scaled model of my own motorbike, conversations about the motorbike came up at the office where I placed it. The atmosphere became more fun and relaxed, which had a positive impact on my business. From this, the idea for 3D Classics emerged. The love for oldtimers, the stories and experiences, the converstations. With 3D Classics, I can make this possible for anyone. 


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3D Classics

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